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A milestone – my jewellery has been Hallmarked!

Here in the UK, it’s the law that any item sold as silver, with a weight of over 7.78grams* has to be formally hallmarked by an Assay office. (legislation) **

I registered my sponsor mark

Much as I like to work within a boundary constraint – be it the brief from a customer, the limitations of my skill or tools or indeed the requirement to send items for hallmarking, the time had come for me to boldly go where I’d not been before. (if you want to see how I went about this, I wrote this for someone who asked for details. It’s very dull )  In part because I’m facing my fear again and attempting another fair. This time it’s a REAL fair – I’ve hired a stall, and invested in an iZettle (that’s a Point Of Sale device to enable contactless and chip and pin payments) and made a whole load of display options.

I want to treat this as a bit of a chance to try some new and larger designs and also as a bit of advertising. So, I invested all my profits in some more bullion, and made the stuff I’d like to buy myself. Let’s hope that other people feel the same way 🙂

I’m pricing it at a little less than on Etsy, to reflect the lack of commission and packing etc and I’ll be offering some special deals to anyone who’s a repeat customer or multi-buys.

I’ll let you know how it turns out!

*7.78 grams is less than the weight of three UK pennies, less than the weight of a prosecco cork, and about the weight of 16.5 long matches. 🙂

Many people ignore this piece of legislation, but like many laws it’s there for our protection. Do consider this when you are shopping, online or at fairs – if it’s heavy and not hallmarked, you are buying the item on trust alone.

**When the Assay office receives a bundle of metal to mark, they test it for it’s ‘fineness’ – ie the percentage and quality of the metal type – in my situation that is for them to check that my pieces are a minimum quality of 92.5% silver. If an item doesn’t pass, they have the power to seize it.

London has the bonus of including the traditional lion mark for sterling and a date letter for the year of manufacture and offers a laser option – all are at no extra charge.

These additional marks, plus the fact that I’m more likely to visit London than Birmingham, Sheffield or Edinburgh are what made me choose London Assay office over the others.

Here’s my hallmark on a real bit of silver, and a little video of (a selection of!) the bangles I’ve made for the fair

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