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Autumn appears to have arrived…

And it brought with it my 100th Etsy customer – break out the klaxon!! If I was more technical I’d have a gif or something lovely here, wouldn’t I. As it is you’ll have to make do with that Doctor Who special. Watch right to the end. That’s how excited I was. I thank you Mr Tennant.

To celebrate and say thank you to those people without whom I’d not have achieved the goal, I sent all my previous customers a generous discount coupon they can use in my shop until the end of next month, and as a bonus for all customers, not just to the early ones, I decided to enter all sales between #100 and the 01/12/16 into a prize draw. I figured it would be nice for the winner to be able to choose anything from my shop, so the prize will be a £20 DGD gift voucher.

In marginally more interesting news, ‘Operation Chicken Colditz’ is finally complete. Each noisy bird is housed in their own, individual coop, lovingly crafted by Mr G over the past 4 months, using 2×1 and a hundredweight of screws (I’ll be quite happy never to go to Wickes again!). Of course, this meant that we needed to adjust the bunny run, so that they have a decent amount for the occasions when we can’t let them out into what we laughingly term ‘garden’ and everyone else describes as ‘blot on the neighbourhood’

I feel I should share photos, so you can see the true horror, but I can’t bring myself to do so.

To celebrate completing the chickens, we did a quick run to the allotments yesterday, just to check on things, and make sure the rest of the site knew we hadn’t abandoned them and we brought home the final squash before the frosts really kick in. Whilst there I took some photos of the things that amaze and delight me.

In no particular order these are:

Nasturtiums growing up the side of shed #1 – Why are these doing so well? BECAUSE I DIDN’T SOW THEM, that’s why!! They’re escapees from Lovely Sue’s Plot.

A gorgeous sider web, catching the fog (particularly nice because I can’t see the spider) and the woodworm

Strawberries flowering and fruiting on 25/10/16 – global warming in action

The Blueberry bushes – a plant that keeps giving

And at home, a massive bit of lichen that came off our roof. We only replaced the roof at the end of 2009, so I am quite pleased it grew so large so quickly. Gives me hope.

Behind that is the left over turf given to use by St Bridget’s Nurseries yesterday – for free -that we’ve used to make the bunny run cosier.


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