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Celebratory Giveaway!!!

I can’t really believe this happened – I have had my 300th customer on Etsy. Not my 300th sale – 300 people from all over the globe – that I didn’t know – have chosen to pay me for something I made.

I hoped I’d be able to make some sales, and I hoped to cover the start up costs incurred with a new business, but I didn’t really expect it to happen, especially as I haven’t done any of the things that people said I should – craft fairs, paid adverts on social media, traditional advertising, loss leaders, sales, coupons and the like.

I want to thank all the people who have supported me so far, so I’m running a giveaway.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

“You’ll be able to pick any one of these items, all of which are currently listed for sale in my Etsy shop*. There are pendants and earrings to choose from, which means there should be something for everyone. I’m asking that you leave me a comment to say whichever is your favourite item, and then I’ll ask LovelySue to pull a name from my sunhat at the allotment.

I’m sharing this post on my Instagram, Twitter and WordPress accounts, so you can comment on all or any of them (and each will count as an entry) It doesn’t matter if you are UK based or not – I’ll happily post overseas if you win. Sharing / reposting etc is in no way obligatory to enter (and neither is a previous purchase) but I’d love it if you would do so – as one of my glass artist chums always says ‘sharing is caring’

*Slight caveat – if one of these pieces sells before the end of the giveaway; I’ll make a replacement for you. I’ve included links in case you would like to see more photos of an item

And boring official bit ….As I’m sure you know, running a giveaway on social media is in no way endorsed by said social media, and I’ll need to contact you for your address once I draw the winner.”

Let the entries commence !!

Item one – Pendant – fine silver – ‘Bird in Heart’

(on Etsy here)

Item 2: Pendant – fine silver acorn and sycamore key, with citrine and sterling hoop – ‘Acorn’

(on Etsy here)

Item 3 – Earrings – drop sterling silver and yellow sapphire earrings – ‘Sapphire’

(on Etsy here)

Item 4: Studs – sterling silver beaten hoops studs with turquoise ‘Turquoise’

(on Etsy here)

Item 5: Earrings – fine silver textured flowers with sterling earwires ‘Floral’

(on Etsy here)

Item 6: Studs – Sterling posts with either copper, brass or sterling forged flowers – ‘Posy’

(on Etsy here)

And here they all are in one picture for you to think about.

Good luck everyone, and thank you for all your support, you are wonderful.

Kisses 🙂

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