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#DGDCheeryUppy 3 – C

C is for Compliment. And Courgette (here’s a flower on one of our yellow courgette plants)

Today’s suggestion for lifting your spirits and adding some joy to the world around you is to …. Say something generous to someone you encounter today; ‘thanks for your friendly service’ ‘lovely child’ ‘great pullover’. If you are encountering someone in person, this is simpler; but over the phone it’s just as easy to thank someone for their patience, or compliment their accent, or to ask something about their day that’s not intrusive; just try to engage a little so you hear a smile.

It doesn’t have to be an astounding compliment, but it needs to be meaningful. I try and avoid compliments over an area about which a person has no control, so I avoid things based on their genetic good luck, instead focusing on behaviour, or interesting / eclectic clothing and accessories / hairdo (and try not just to focus on any jewellery!!)

I also try and say something positive to those parents who are clearly struggling to keep it together with a child, not just those whose kid could have stepped out of a Fairy Liquid advert.

You’ll be amazed how this will make both you and the recipient feel fabulous, even if you were out undertaking a horrid chore #allotment #compliments #kindness #hello


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