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E is for ….

#‎DGDCheeryUppy‬ 5 E make like an Elephant; sock in fly, pockets out. Make trumpet noises. I dare you not to feel like a 4 yearold 😀 Photo is of a #Butterfly in our #front #garden #lavender #hedge

I’m reliably informed that lavender is a natural remedy for …mosquito bites and stings; crush a few leaves in your fingers then rub them on the ouchy; and that in oil form it’s great for headaches (cure of, not creation)

However my personal favourite that I have tried and tested with *controlled experiments* (well, a couple of rooms with, a couple without!) it’s a spider deterrent – Huzzah!! We’ve a lot of lavender in our classically small city front garden, so each year when it’s pruning time, I take the heads and fill a couple of paper bags – the ones with the swing handles – and hang them off the door knobs of most of our rooms.

A more organised person would have pretty fabric bags to fill; but my time is always too short for that it seems…too full of cake baking, jamming, jewellery-making and book reading (not necessarily in that order, to misquote the great Mr M)

The bunnies get the rest; they scoff it and then lie around looking exceptionally sated.


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