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Exciting times ahead…

I’ve got all ambitious. I’ve been following ColdFeetStudio, who has inspired me to face the fear and do it anyway; so I ordered some cabochons from my favourite gem dealer.

I also ordered some stamps so I can applique up my pieces.

I had to collect them from the post office today; the prehnite one is ginormous, so I reckon I’ll save that til last and hope the silver price doesn’t increase any more!

I’d never seen pietersite before, but it is gorgeous, like shards of blue tiger’s eye, all stacked together and then compressed.

I can’t wait for Mr G to return to work on Monday (how very dare he take time off to spend with me whilst I’m feeling inspired!) so I can get sawing and soldering. And most likely cursing and melting 🙂

I’ve also identified over the past week that just about everyone I know or strike up a conversation with thinks that 2016 feels like the apocalypse. I guess that’s in part because everyone I meet is, by default here in the UK and keen on their allotment, and therefore probably reasonably left wing too. The conversation since May moves inexorably towards  Brexit or the weird weather, whereas previously it was just about the deaths of inspiring folk like Bowie and Wood.

My pals in the states all seem equally stressed about the impending elections.

And that, of course is before we even think about the guns, stabbings, bombs and the like all over the rest of the world.

Additionally everyone seems to have had a personal disaster at some level, and the amount of gloom is tremendous. I’ve always been excessively (some would say annoyingly!) ‘glass half full’ ( I blame my mother and all the Pollyanna books I had to read as a kid!).

I was beginning to feel really frustrated at not being able to make a difference; I want to do something to lift the mood. Even if it’s only briefly.

So. . . .

I have set myself a challenge. I’m going to do a perky-post daily, linking to the alphabet (so I have a starting point). I want it to consist of  items that are free (or really cheap) and easily accessible to everyone.

I’m calling it #DGDCheeryUppy  and I will try and post it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter every day. I might even learn how to add proper links

I would love it if people start adding and sharing their own methods of mentally giving themselves a shake.

I started today with A tomorrow will be B A book. From a library, a charity shop, a pal. Find something you wouldn’t usually read & allow yourself 30 mins to get started Recent fave finds of mine include @dvberkom and @JaneDavis(author) I have links to their pages in my ‘liked’ pages over on Facebook.

DVBerkom has one of hers available for free ebook download now

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