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F is for Flower…

#‎DGDCheeryUppy‬ 6 F Flower; find, sniff, sketch or photograph and share the beauty These are sweetpeas and a rose from, yes our allotment ‪#‎flowers‬ ‪#‎sweetpea‬ ‪#‎rose‬ ‪#‎perfume‬ ‪#‎nature‬ ‪#‎beautyineverything‬

I’m getting the hang of this making the photos less ginormous.

And in other news…Mr G has returned to the day job today, so once the man from Virgin has been to replace our TIVO (all the recordings deleted as it self destructed on Friday😱) I can crack on with a couple of outstanding ‪#‎commissions‬ and start to replenish my shop…it’s been a busy fortnight, considering I’m s’posed to have been on hols, lol. Expect things to return to normal for the next couple of weeks… til the birthday hols start 🙂

Oh, and in homage to Cold Feet Studio (I still haven’t grasped how to insert links) my favourite jeweller / silversmith / life blogger

Here’s an ouchy I gained last night, that was still bleeding this morning

From making ice cream – I know! how is that possible you ask. Well. I’m greedy. I want all the scrapings from the bowl in my tummy, not in the washing up. After all. our chickens made those eggs, mostly from woodlice Mr G scooped up from his greenhouse and lovingly fed to them (I wonder if it is more Lord of the Flies than The Good Life, chez Gilly some days)

Here’s the offending ice cream maker. It was a wedding present from the office; 16 years ago. Lasted pretty well I think, and to be fair; it’s the first time it’s bitten back.

The engineer’s left; I now just need to reload all my programme wishes into the TIVO, and mourn the loss of the new X-Files we were saving, along with my back catalogue of Doctor Who. Think I’ll save that joy for when I’ve completed my current commissions. Today’s are a Star Trek communicator and opal earrings 🙂

#StarTrek #LLAP #TheTruthIsOutThere

#StarTrekLLAPTheTruthIsOutThere #flowerssweetpearoseperfumenaturebeautyineverything

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