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Geek isn’t an insult

Not any more. How great is that?

When I think how much of my childhood I spent reading anything and everything I could, yet didn’t share how much I enjoyed Doctor Who or  Blake’s 7 (Ooo. look, she has nice earrings!) with people, I’m almost a little envious of kids today; connected to the internet when they want, TV on demand; the children in my home village even have buses now. Buses! it’s like magic!!

No more having to walk out in the rain, to a phone box, on the off chance the person they want to speak to might be both in and permitted to come to the phone. Now I’m coming over all Monty Python – Gravel

Anyway. One of the things I have learnt from my little jewellery business, is that there are lots of us geekies out there. And we like sparkly and shiny things just as much as the next person, we just prefer them to be themed.

So yesterday, I’m a little hungover after my fat, four bottle lunch with my pal C, at one of the most beautiful spots in Devon (Yearlstone) and didn’t feel up to managing anything truly creative. That of course is one of the bonuses of setting your sights low (see P is for..) – I always factor in the odd feeble day in my timescale projections.

Instead I spent the day doing other DGD stuff. I tidied my hard drive, archiving photos; listed a few items ready for the bank holiday / payday weekend coming and pondered about how I could make opening a package someone ordered from me even more exciting.

(I could have started on the decorating, or sewing the curtains, or supper, or some cleaning. but no, I stayed sitting with my laptop and Radio 4, thank you very much, conscience)

I do wrap everything, and stick in a personal note and a business card with the baubles….but it just doesn’t feel like enough.

So. As an interim measure..

I have printed some geeky stickers to put inside the box using splendid free clip art and then, whilst doing that, I had a genius idea and started on some Star Trek earrings to coordinate with my communicator pendant. Sadly Mr G wants my help at the allotment today, and as it rained all night I have a full day of weeding ahead, rather than playing with my moulding compound and Art Clay Silver……but soon. Soon I will be able to play.

In the meantime….there’s what I created to assist with the earrings, with my time old trusty trio of scissors, scalpel, cutting mat, plus the wonder of shrink plastic. I love shrink plastic. It’s how I make lots of my mini textures. And it’s like magic.

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