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Heroes and Heroines…my first reblog.

One of the bloggers I follow just posted her own ‘heroine journey’ (cheers DV Berkom) Initially I was confused – in my traditional mind, a hero overcomes great barriers, usually through physicality. Then I thought about the concept a little more and realised that true heroism is really about overcoming barriers of all sorts; be they social expectations, private concerns and fears as well as physical hurdles. The person who stops by someone being shouted at in the street, giving moral support; or speaks up in a pub where there is misogyny; raises a child in a thoughtful manner; tidies away some litter, these are all heroes. As are those of us who try to make the world a better place, by acting as a force for good – and their supporters; the other halves who toil to pay the bills enabling the creative. As mentioned in the title – this is my first attempt at ‘reblogging’ Hopefully WordPress will have put in a link to theheroinejourney2016 here, and you will be curious enough to have a wander through people’s stories. I’m off there now.

The Heroine Journey in Paris

What if I told you that you never have to work another day in your life? Would you be interested? When you fight the right fit in a career, it no longer feels as work. You wake up every day excited about how you earn your living. This perfect harmonizing of your talents, skills, personality and work style creates a passion and a desire as well as a feeling of contentment that is worth more than gold.

It can all be yours if you read this guide in Paris with stories of creative professionals like Coco Chanel and you who make their money doing what they love.

The challenge is that the creative business is very different from other fields. To get ahead you have to make a heroine’s journey. Let me show you with the stories of heroines of past and present how to do this to make the…

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