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I made a new tool!

This entertained me. I joined a few jewellery / metal-smithing forums over the past year, and one of them mentioned using a clothespeg as a useful tool.

Now, I love to get something for nothing, and also to find something that is multi-functional.

I’ve wrapped an elastic band (thanks to Judith, our postie for that) round it and then it becomes a small clamp, perfect for holding flat things. The advantage this has over a traditional ring clamp is:

a) it was free

b) it’s easy to operate with one hand

c) I can rest it on my bench peg more easily

d) smug factor – did I mention it was free?!

Smug factor is a big part of my life, and I love to get a new moment of smugness.

I made these earrings using some scrap silver and the clothespeg. I was just using up a bit of scrap, from an early bangle I had made myself – it’s a bit too skinny for my personal preference, so I wanted to recycle it into something else.

I decided to run it through my mill, and flattened it slightly. This made for a very long piece of wire with a rectangular profile and the narrow edges having a delightfully battered finish making them less precise and rather more interesting than if I had used the rectangular wire sold by bullion dealers. I then coiled it into jump rings, using my new clamp to keep the rectangular profile from twisting and my mandrels, to make a coil, sawed it us and soldered the wonky ones at either end into closed jump rings. I’ve stretched them a little with my oval mandrel, and then soldered on earwires.

Finally I added a couple of interesting hematite beads I’ve had for ages, – I bought the strand because of the shape (interestingly shaped, decent quality, sustainable /fairtrade, gem, beads are surprisingly challenging to find), shaped and hammered the earwires and then sent then for a run through the tumbler for work hardening and shine. I think they look rather splendid, even if I do say so myself.

I didn’t think I’d make more than one pair (and these are intended as the tip for my hairdresser – if only I could actually pay for my haircut with jewellery!), but I love them, so I might make some more.

I’ve been late coming to the scraphappy party so I cheated and scheduled this ready for February – if you haven’t read any of the posts from the other contributors, take a look at the links at the end of this post.

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