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I guess it must be much worse for writers.

I get asked about inspiration quite often. All sorts of things contribute to an idea for a design; the weather, the allotment, my enthusiasm for geek. Fashion rarely plays into it, but the stones I plan to use combined with my self-selecting-skill (and tool) limitations often does.

TV, however regularly offers me up an idea.

Mostly something I like such as this:

Dr Temperence Brennan. ‘Bones’.

Super smart (all my favourite characters appear to be geniuses – or doctors it seems) and look  her jewellery is comfy and not at all matchy-matchy and also looks handmade. What’s not to love about this?

Sometimes something that makes me howl with laughter, such as this….

Sorry Star Trek. Much as I love you, there is no question as to which of these two characters I would choose to dress as, and which inspires me most.

In other news….I bought a new toy tool and it arrived yesterday. It’s to help me with cutting angles, so I can mitre corners more accurately. I love a new tool. It’ll be a rolling mill next if I’m a good girl.

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