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The trouble with the interweb….There’s just too much inspiring stuff.

Now I’m my own boss, and the mornings are dark and cold, I spend the first hour or so tucked up under the quilt, laptop warming from above and a pot of tea warming within cracking on with the mundane tasks – relisting any expired Etsy items, responding to emails, queries, reviews, placing orders – you know the sort of stuff. I also allow myself one morning a week to nosey round Pinterest and WordPress and see what I stumble across. This part I like to term ‘research’!

Today I bumped into this. You’ll want to have the volume low, and unless you are actually interested in jewellery and enamelling techniques I can’t imagine you are going to want to watch it at regular speed through the full 30 minutes, but WOWSERS, I want to be able to do this. It’s a stretch for my current skill set; but hey – I’m always learning and it’s good to have targets, isn’t it!

Mind you. It’s never still enough to do any of my jewellery outside (unlike some pals I can think of) and I wouldn’t have such a great view, though I would have the same racket from our chickens.

So. This is for you jewellery bods out there


Awesome granulation and enamelling with small butane torch

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