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Laugh. We met up with an old work colleague last night – she emigrated to Australia nearly 13 years ago. It was great to catch up with her and a few other old colleagues; funny how sometimes, with people you know well the passing of the years seems irrelevant.

My suggestions for if you aren’t feeling too giggly on your tod are to have a stroll round the interweb. Try looking for French and Saunders, Victoria Wood, Billy Connolly, Pete n Dud in the pub, or for the unconstructed amongst you who want a bit of a local accent, there is Jethro.

I’m attempting another link, this time to April and June; a local-ish pair of sisters telling it how it was, back in the day, up on the moor. And because I think I made that work; here’s another to Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. One of many classics.


April and June’s Dartmoor Tales

Pete and Dud – The usual trouble

Photo is classic allotment guttering repurposed as a tree support behind the greenhouse Mr G built.

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