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March Meet The Maker 2019

Many of my friends have been participating in #MarchMeetTheMaker over on Instagram. I didn’t – in part because I didn’t want to overload the kind people who follow my accounts and in part because I try to make each post interesting – or at least amusing (plus I was a more than a little overwhelmed at the thought of 31 daily, non vegetable related posts!)

I have, however found it to be incredible interesting and it’s given me a whole load of new genius crafter/artists to spend my hard saved pennies with (do pop over and take a look). You will find lots of inspiring creatives to follow, including a few fabulous people whose work I’ve already bought, and whom I’d like to support / buy from later. I thought it would be appropriate to share some of my new favourites* with you

I’m adding links to their instagram pages, or their websites, each of which should open in a new window.

First up, because she’s the organiser of #MarchMeetTheMaker2019 and has some lovely cards that work for all sorts of occasions Joanne Hawker

Then, in no particular order

Amazing paper engineer Hannah Kokoschka

Awesome fabric designer and sewer Ailsa Wilson who I’ve followed for ages, gradually adding to and improving upon my household soft furnishings

Fabulous free-motion embroidery artist Rebecca Bruton 

(I’m cheating a tad here – I actually discovered Rebecca by accident, at the local Craft4Crafters fair in February. She is as lovely in person as she appears on t’interweb)

I bought this print from her                     

And now it’s hanging in our dining room, adding some much needed class

Inspiring floral artist (and embroiderer – there’s a theme here!) Dartmoor Flower Shed

Paper artist ThoughtsPaperScissors

Traditional (with a twist) embroiderer  Emma Knapton

Quilting for Borrowers Miss Leela

Mixed media artist Veronica 

Amazing (and local – hurrah!) ceramicist MarieAnne 

Papermaker (I trained as a bookbinder, so I have a special place in my heart for hand printed papers) Katrina 

Stained and fused glass genius Juliet Forrest I adore glass, and would love to have some stained glass in my home. Perhaps that’s the next thing to save for

So, I hope that you too have enjoyed having a look at the inspiring work created by these talented women

*All bar Rebecca I found purely through this campaign.

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