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Okay. Here’s what Mr G made..

Not quite chicken condos (tho’ that did make I larff). More like Colditz.

I know the garden still looks terrible (this is the view from the decking by the dining room), but honestly – it’s a mahussive improvement on the chaos that was there previously.

This is the view from the kitchen door, with a sheet on the line for scale 🙂

You’ll notice that Mr G has generously cut a windowed sun-lounge for the bunnies, so that in the summer, when the sun is a little higher and the want to lol within reach of their water bowl, they don’t have to bother to leave their run, but can lay out on the landing and we can watch whilst doing the dishes. Since he installed that, he has painted the rear inside wall white and is talking about installing lighting so he can check they are both eating equally. I tell you, can you imagine just how indulged any children would have been?!

And finally… Barley inspecting the new mini paddock and checking for treats. The white chicken behind is the one that lays the blue eggs. Rocky. The Devon Rock. Can you see the vicious and evil glint in her eye? I don’t know why; I just tipped a whole load of woodlice into the pens for them to chase.

Right. Off to iron my new curtain now, get some jobs done before rewarding myself with some gemstone and silver and silver clay deliveries. Skippetty-skip.

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