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Q is for . . .


Well. Q is a reasonably challenging letter, so you need to cut me a little slack here 😉

I know that traditionally a quest implies hardship and distance; being super lazy, I’m thinking a little more manageably.

So, you can either stick a pin in a map, (preferably a large scale map of your home area) and start on a quest to explore it, or just take a bottle of water and venture out, alternating left and right turns at each opportunity. You needn’t go far; try walking a slightly different route home; or pack a lunch and go to the park; or borrow a book set in another country – you get my drift. Photo#1 is of a butternut squash, resting on old bunny bedding

Photo#2 is of what promises to be the beginnings of my new disc cutter (see here  It is *nearly* my birthday, after all 😀 ) and stamping obsession

A handful of these are bathing in liver of sulphur at the moment, stinking out the kitchen, and getting all colourful.

You’ll be able to see the finished items on Facebook later !

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