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R is for…

Rolly-poly. How many can you do before becoming lightheaded?! More than me I bet, but fewer than the Olympian gymnasts!

Today’s photo is of our neighbour’s self pollinating runner beans (that’s why the flowers are ivory, not scarlet)

And I thought you might like an update of the first results of my disc cutting and stamping experiments.

Sometimes people ask me about the process involved in an item, so here it is.

I cut the circles of fine silver using my disc cutter, and then used some new stamps (including some nail punches) to apply random patterns on a couple of the discs, and more regular on the others. I was thinking of how dew drops sit on flowers, and tried to suggest that with the textures.

Then I domed them using my doming block* (sometimes the tools are king!) and soldered some silver balls I had made previously.

Between each of those processes above, I annealed the silver (ie made it soft) with my blow torch

Then  I soldered some 4mm jump rings on, pickled and put them through my barrel polisher for 90 minutes

Finally I hand polished back the patination, and chose stones to wrap to the jump rings for two of the pairs. Citrines and Labradorite, to pick out the differing shades of patination.

Of course; these are just quick snaps, taken with my phone. Because these aren’t commissions, I will need to photograph them properly before listing them in my Etsy shop. (although I’m keeping the pair without stones for me!) I also need to calculate the unit price pre-labour, and then make more now I have worked out my method, to arrive at a sensible labour cost. These are the bits I like least of my new job!! Writing this has enabled me to put it off a bit, and to listen to Woman’s Hour, still; it’s got to be done.

*My doming block 🙂 I had a customer contact me last year, after receiving a recommendation, to

Here’s a piccy – her original earrings in the bottom right corner, my replacements in the centre and on my hand for scale. She and I were very happy bunnies !

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