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Stepping out of my comfort zone..

I love to make things. You might have noticed that. You also might have noticed that there’s not a lot of socialising mentioned in any of my posts. That’s because I’m not very good at it. I sell almost all my jewellery via the internet; only occasionally does it involve a face to face meeting, and then it mostly is with just the one person, and also mostly with someone I have come to know (interestingly I feel I have got to know many of my customers quite well, I consider some to be friends now; whether they return the compliment is another matter!)

Most of the other people I know that craft, and sell their craft (be it as a business , or simply to help finance a hobby and get their stuff out the loft) undertake at least a couple of shows or events each year.  I haven’t done a stall in over 25 years, and the last time I had small items, I lost quite a few due to shoplifting.

My favourite local boutique offered me a stall at their street market, on the first Saturday in December. So kind and generous of her, but the more I thought about having to stand in the outdoors on the pavement in front of her shop, in the cold, probably in rain, with my small pieces of jewellery, having to attract and converse with people I don’t know AND then do some maths; adding up their purchases, calculating change etc, the more anxious and uncomfortable I felt. So, I went and spoke to her, last week, and bless her heart, she wasn’t at all concerned by my ingratitude. What a star.

Still. I felt like I had welched out a little. So. I gave myself a shake and a talking to and thought…baby steps. That’s what I need to do.

I emailed my old employer yesterday and asked if they still allow small businesses in at Christmas time. It’s a large employer with about 400 employees in the centre of the city. Since I left them in 2014 quite a lot of my colleagues have also moved on, but I figured I know the location, and some of the people, and it would be a good beginning. I didn’t really expect them to say ‘yes, of course you can come in’ which they did, really quickly.  And emailed to all the staff twice today, really kindly telling everyone I’ll be there, and reminding them who I am / was.

So. I’ve been in the loft and got out the display stuff I bought when I first contemplated a small event in 2014 and I have spent the day today making a range of things that I think will fit the clientele.

It’ll be an adventure.

Or a disaster.

Or possibly a success. Yes. A success.

To be honest – just rocking up, getting a display set up without personal injury, and not giving stuff away for free due to my arithmetical stupidity will be a success.

MrG is so amused he said he is going to find me one of these to help with the maths..

I will let you know how it goes. I have set myself a sales target, and made a plan for how and when I’ll get everything accomplished.

Of course, I’ve broken it already! tomorrow was going to be a day in the kitchen with my torch and hammer as Mr G will be in the real office instead of cluttering up my studio, but I’m now stressing about how to display stud earrings, so will make up some card hanger things instead, just so I can get some sleep. Man I’m a wimp!!

In more exciting news, here is a new CheeryUppy. Given how  blue most people are still feeling, I figure we could do with one.

Mr G and I went to the local park during his lunch break yesterday to collect some of the fallen leaves for our chicken run. They were so excited we picked up some more. Here’s a photo of the beautiful colours. Beautiful on the leaves anyway. That’s not a very good photo of the lichen, but look at the colour! It really was that blue

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