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W is for ….


Take a walk – who knows what wonders you might find. Here are some photos I took when Mr G and I went for a walk on Monday (he took some leave). My favourite type of walk involves beverages, scoff and people watching.

Here we have…elderflower martini (shaken, not stirred Thank you), Exeter’s Roman Walk (to the Quayside) exciting tree proving nature can overcome, view from the next stop, final drinks – where I scared the barman asking for the frightfully cosmopolitan addition of cucumber in my gin.

My mother’s involves none of the above – there is no right way or wrong way; as long as you keep your senses sharp to enjoy whatever you stumble across; birdsong, trees, nature, architecture, strange and interesting things. Enjoy.

Here’s a clip to prove there is no right way and that sometimes, the silly way is the best.

Walks – Ministry of 🙂

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