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X is for …

e – X – pectations.  I know, a bit cheaty, but honestly; this has worked for me really well all my life, and particularly the last 15 years or so.

Set your personal bar high, and strive to achieve quality (not perfection – that way lies obsession!) in all you do, but, in reverse have low expectations of everyone else – then, as long as you are honestly doing your best, in whatever it is you do daily; interacting with your loved ones, the public, your 9-5 job you can rest, comfortable in that you have contributed to the greater good.

Expecting less from everyone else, in all aspects of your life has meant that I have been  repeatedly pleased by the outcome…I joke that I am pleased to wake up of a morning with both retinas attached, but I am honestly that easily pleased. Especially after the experience of an old friend of mine.

Today’s photos are of a bee in the midst of my neighbour Sue’s allotment.

I’ve left it huge, so you can easily see the lovely veins in the petals.

She’s given me some seedlings that Mr G is carefully overwintering for me

And one of our allotment last week, showing we have accepted perfection is impossible and embracing the challenge!

Sue’s plot is on the right.

It’s a constant inspiration.

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