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Z is for ….

Z is either for Zipwire or catching some Zees. I’m gonna go with the nap option, on the basis that sleep is essential to a healthy mind, and I’m a wimp 😉. Plus, I’ve never been able to nap, so it’s a skill set I am lacking and rather envious of.

This little project has been really interesting. I want to give a big shout out to DV Berkom for her regular comments and support; it’s meant a lot and has been very encouraging. Thanks DV; big kiss!!

Doing this has also meant that I have discovered new blogs I now follow; (and Twitter-ers too) and I learned heaps.

Coming up with something cheering; related to each letter of the alphabet; that was both free, (or at the very least under the cost of a coffee) and easily accessible was challenging; nearly as challenging as actually venturing into the big, scary world of the internet as myself.

I spent many years working for the local council. During this time, other colleagues would call me ‘unrelentingly cheerful’ ‘irritatingly positive’ and in one particularly memorable meeting, one fellow manager shouted that I should ‘stop trying to see the *$%*ing best in people’ . I loved my job, but over the final few years I started to feel less enthusiasm for it and like I was losing my soul. Sounds dramatic, but there it is.

Since then I have had the incredible opportunity to ease into my little jewellery business (I’m not going to put a hyperlink in there; that’s not what this is about!) and I have become even more irritatingly perky. HA! take that, shoutie.

The people who didn’t like it are no longer in my life, and I (and I am sure they!) are happier for it.

So… I want to thank everyone for reading this and for the likes and comments over the past 26 days, I hope that you have enjoyed the cheeryuppies and that I’ve at least brought a little smile into each day for you. It’s brought lots of smiles to me, and I feel like I may have lifted a little of the 2016 apocalyptic gloom that was permeating everywhere.

I’ve even found out why we’ve a dearth of ladybirds in Exeter,  (it’s coz they are all elsewhere, and we had a patchy and erratic  winter) thanks to the twitter-sphere. We’re off to weed the allotment now.  You can relax as I’ll be posting less often; and I expect the next batch to be more tool and jewellery related. Or jams. (It was Picc-a-Gilly day yesterday) Today’s photo is of apple blossom; back to the beginning of the circle.

and of the piccagilly, pre and post 🙂

Have a great weekend peeps. Hugs and tickles.


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