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  • This listing is for one copper cuff, in the style shown, size of your choosing. These are made to order, but I have one in this style (medium) currently available for instant dispatch, suitable for a small wrist.


    This cuff has a number of recycled sterling balls puddle soldered to the cuff. Each ball is raised, and will give you something to fiddle with when wearing the cuff. The silver will oxidise differently from the copper.


    Other sizes will be made to order, please allow me up to a week to make it in your size

    I make cuffs in Wide (26-30mm x 1mm), Medium (10-15mm x 1mm), Narrow (5-8mm x 1mm) and Thick (3.5 x 1.8mm)


    See my notes below about wrist sizing. If you would like one of these to be made in a close fit, please measure your wrist circumference, snugly and note it. If you have an existing cuff that fits you perfectly, then measure the diameter, and also the gap. Tell me these sizes if you have them when placing your order. 



    Copper will change colour as it ages, and, will quite probably leave a green mark on your skin when you remove it. This usually washes off easily, but if you are choosing this for it's traditional purpose of assisting with /alleviating the symproms of arthritis, you need the copper to be against your skin. (Please see the additional information section regarding this.


    I've given this particular piece a colur on the outside, which I have sealed, to provide a level of protection. (I use liver of sulphur for this, neutralising and sealing it with sodium bicarbonate - aka baking soda- and Renaissance Wax, Please see the Additional Info section)

    Wrist vary.
    Small tends to be about 6-6.5 inches (15-16.5cm), medium 6.5-7.5 inches (16.5-19cm), large 7.5-8.5 inches (19-21.5cm).


    All my silver is now bought as certified recycled eco-silver, made from 100% scrap / recycled silver which has been fully refined to ensure it is of the same quality as traditional sterling, but of course without the environmental impact of mining it. This is not the case with the copper as i have yet to find a source.

    Copper Bangle - Sputnik