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  • This listing is for one copper cuff (medium) of 18mm width, 1mm thickness, sized as per our conversation at GBFF and by email

     187mm long, with a 28mm gap.


    After sawing the copper to the correct width, filing and sanding,  I annealed it, and ran it through Morris-The-Mill with some real skeleton leaeve, which creates the impression in the metal.


    Copper will change colour as it ages, and, will quite probably leave a green mark on your skin when you remove it. This usually washes off easily, but if you are choosing this for it's traditional purpose of assisting with /alleviating the symproms of arthritis, you need the copper to be against your skin. (Please see the additional information section regarding this.

    Wrist vary.
    Small tends to be about 6-6.5 inches (15-16.5cm), medium 6.5-7.5 inches (16.5-19cm), large 7.5-8.5 inches (19-21.5cm).


    All my silver is now bought as certified recycled eco-silver, made from 100% scrap / recycled silver which has been fully refined to ensure it is of the same quality as traditional sterling, but of course without the environmental impact of mining it. This is not the case with the copper as I have yet to find a source.

    Copper Cuff - leaf reserved for Jane

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    • Returns - standard UK distance selling rules apply, which is for a return and refund (excluding delivery) of items that are unsuitable within 14 days, or of course if they arrive damaged. Exclusions from this standard legislations are for bespoke pieces and for items of a 'personal nature' which generally means items for a piercing. 

      So, in summary - Can I return my piece if I don't like it, or it doesn't fit?

      I'm happy to have you return your item, if you do so promptly, with it's original packaging, and it's unworn in the original condition. However unless it was faulty, I can't absorb the postage - if you are returning an item that had postage included within it, for a reason other than it being faulty, there will be a restocking fee of £5 representative of an element of the postage and packing costs. If you are returning any of my other items, I will refund you for the jewellery only, not the postage paid. Please contact me before returning a piece so I can advise you which level of postage you need to use so you are insured against it being lost by Royal Mail

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