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  • Reticulation is a technique that creates a wonderful texture, but it’s a contrary one! I take sheet sterling silver, heating and quenching a dozen times, which depletes the surface of the copper within the sterling alloy.


    After the final quench I heat the silver again, melting the now pure silver layer, until I get the effict I want. It is very much the cheese-on-toast method of creating jewellery, and just like toasting cheese, blink for a second and there’s disaster!!


    I made a pair of these from a failed bangle attempt and wore them on holiday, to a lunch and then a conference. At each event someone asked if I was stocking them yet.

    So, here’s a range.


    See the final photo for the difference in the surfaces, and remember that, as with all my jewellery, no two pairs will be identical because not only am I sawing and filing them by hand, I’m also playing with fire to create the texture


    I saw the squares to approximately 10mm, and they have a drop (from piercing) of approximately 53mm to the bottom and 20mm in the earwire. The 'moons' are about 17mm in diameter.

    As always, if I'm making a pair especially for you, then I can adjust these elements, or use Argentium for the earwires.


    Please factor in about a week for me to make a special pair just for you.


    As with all my jewellery, they are fully recycled sterling silver


    These aren’t hallmarked as they are well below the legal assay weight of 7.78g

    Reticulated Drop, Sterling Silver earrings - Moon