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  • This listing is for one spinner ring - size M

    This ring weighs about 8.9 grams, has a width of 11.3mm, and a flare of 2.44mm. It's got the full UK hallmark as a laser mark (see examples at the end), plus the common convention mark, and has date letter V for 2020


    It has 3 satellite rings, all of which have lightly beaten textures with a smooth, organic circular disc, that has pure gold fused to it, soldered to the central band


    The inner band has a subtle texture of vines embossed into it.


    I usually make small batches of these, styled as the mood takes me; the very small ones will be just under the required weight to send for hallmarking (7.78g) but I tend to include them with a batch anyway, just so you have that added security of knowing it's all sterling silver.

    All the silver I use is certified eco silver - recycled and reclaimed by my bullion dealer, or made using my own scrap. In this spinner ring, all the elements are certified eco silver.

    I make the main band, texturing before forming it, if rolling it through my mill or stamping. I apply the beaten texture described as 'ribbed' after forming the band. I then make the satellite rings, ensuring that their fit, like Goldilocks, is just right.

    Because these bands are a little wider than usual, most people need to go up a half size or two when selecting one to wear, for ultimate comfort. If you wish to try one and need to return it because it doesn't fit, then I'll happily accept a return, as long as it's within a fortnight