I’d just got the hang of fairs and organised a whole load of them for this year, when UK anti C-19 measures were imposed. All have now been cancelled for the remainder of 2020, and I've not yet been able to book any for 2021

I’ve always welcomed clients to our home by appointment (which, as you know is where I have my workshop / studio) for jewellery consultations or fittings and ‘try ons’ but that too had to pause for a while.

However, whilst we are permitted visitors back into the workplace, I have devised a protocol that should comply with the anti-infection requirements, with the minimum of inconvenience to visitors and the maximum comfort I can manage!

Hello Visor!! 

It’s only me that needs to wear it, if we sit in this room, I can have the patio doors at one end open, and the front room window at the other – because this part of Exeter is reasonably high, there’s a generous blow through, so now we are into autumn I will give it a really good airing before you arrive.

When you arrive I'll ask you to scan the NHS QR* code, if you have the app, and to wash your hands (there will be a dedicated and clean towel for your use) or to use sanitiser if you prefer.

I'll also wear either the visor or a freshly laundered, reusable facemask** (or both) and we will sit either side of our dining table enabling us to be well over 1m apart, so you can look through and try any of my jewellery at your leisure.

Current guidance is that the virus lasts no longer than 72 hours on metals and hard surfaces (such as gemstones) so I will simply keep visitors to no more than one appointment every 3 days. If you want to come with a friend or family member this is permitted within the current guidance, but we will need to apply extra care over trying on the jewellery, to reduce the risk of you contaminating each other as one of you picks it up, and the other tries it on for size

I had my first visitor formally try out my ‘new normal’ procedures 24/07/20 – it was such a joy to have her in my home, and have a proper chat.

If you’d like to visit to discuss an order, or a purchase please:

Contact me (email, social media message) to tell me the days you’d like to come / are available for appointment, along with how many people of how many households you’d like to bring with you

We will then make an appointment, and I’ll send you details of what I’m doing to comply with the necessary protections

The day before the appointment, I’ll message you again, reiterating the standard questions*** and confirming that I’m still safe. You will need to reply so that I have a record of the check list. This will also double as my ‘track and trace’ should it be necessary for us to use it.

Before you arrive I will have cleaned down any and all surfaces you might come into contact with, placed a hand sanitiser by the front door, set up liquid soap and freshly laundered towels in the kitchen (you can choose between the hand sanitiser or soap and water) and also have cleaned the bathroom thoroughly – again there will be liquid soap and a freshly laundered towel for your use should you need it. I’ll also have thoroughly washed my hands, 

During your visit I’ll give you a car parking permit if you drove (this is essential – don’t let me forget it!!), I’ll wash my hands again after showing you to your chair, and after your visit I’ll re-clean everywhere, and put the towels through the wash.

If you choose to make a purchase, we’ll be able to do so using my contact-less payment device to avoid you having to touch any cash, which I’ll have cleaned since it was last used

After you leave I’ll put all the jewellery back in it’s isolation cupboard, clean down all the surfaces and ring / bangle sizers / tape measures and payment device

I’ll be retaining your contact details for 21 days, in line with the England track and trace requirements

*From 24/09/20 the UK Government App should be functional, which means you'll be able to scan the official QR code I'll have my front door. We plan to ask anyone coming into the house to do this, as our home doubles as my premises, and I want everyone to feel safe and that they are doing their part.

**Get yours from Stitchbabs here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Stitchbabs?ref=usf_2020 

*** Have you had C-19? If so when? Do you currently have any symptoms of C-19? Does anyone that you’ve been in (unprotected) contact with? Have you attended any mass gatherings? If the answer to any of these is ‘yes’ we may have to reschedule.

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