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  • New to my Star Trek homage range - Bajoran Ear cuffs


    I make these using the offcuts from sterling silver spinner ring blanks* that I've made - the inner blank goes to London for Assay, and then I trim it to size leaving me with a small offcut the perfect size to make into ear cuffs.


    Some of these have texture applied using my rolling mill, and some are beaten.


    I also pierce holes into some for extra interest.


    All have a chain attached, so that (just like the 13th Doctor or Major Kira) you can connect it easily to an existing earring. I've attached a jumpring to the loose end of the chain, so you can slip it onto your earring post / wire. If you'd prefer me to attach a sterling butterfly back* to the loose end, please say so in your message to seller and I'll do so at no extra cost.


    I prefer mine this way so they are interchangeable with both drop and stud earrings.


    I've 4 different styles available in this listing - all the chains are 12-13 cm long, and are made using the off cuts* I'm left with after making other projects. Just as on Bajor, these are fashioned from quality metal, but from the leftovers scavanged in my workshop ;-)


    I've applied patination to some to bring out the texture, but if you'd like me to remove it, please say so in your message to seller.


    I take great care in ensuring all the edges are properly finished so that they are very smooth and comfortable to wear, and as I use 0.8mm sheet, they are much sturdier than many found on the high street.


    This listing is for the cuff and chain only as I'm sure you have plenty of suitable studs already, however you can choose a button stud if you want one from a separate listing


    Note that these aren't hallmarked as they are below the threshold of 7.78g


    Check out my other Star Trek inspired items in my Geeky corner.


    *I've been using Eco silver since 2016, but now all the silver elements are certified recycled by my bullion dealer - it's made from the waste and offcuts returned and reclaimed in the jewellery process, which means it's environmental impact is significantly lower than if mined afresh.

    Thanks for looking!     Live Long and Prosper   \\//_

    Bajoran style ear cuff and chain - sterling silver, ideal for cosplay