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  • This listing is for an individually, handcrafted, solid sterling silver, affirmation stitch marker


    Tell me the size needle you would like them to fit - the default is for them to fit anything up to a 4mm needle, but if you are working with lace, you might prefer smaller rings, and of course, if you are using needles larger than 4mm, you need to tell me so I can choose appropriately sized rings so they fit on comfortably.


    The range shown are on KnitPro Symfonie 4mm needles, that I'm using with glorious Merino Aran, hand painted by


    I use the offcuts from my HookerRings, and each length of sterling silver is 4mm by 25mm, hand punched with 2.5mm high text. I then drill the holes, and add jump-rings, also made using recycled sterling. The larger ring that slips over your needle is soldered closed, and the whole piece is carefully filed and sanded by hand and then tumbled for an hour or so, before I again double check them to be sure they are totally snag free


    I made myself a test pair with 'Pat' on to prompt me to return to the written pattern.

    I decided that wasn't hugely helpful and thought that affirmations would be more cheering to work with.


    I can stamp any word you like up to 6 letters to fit on this size (as you can see from 'Breathe' 7 letters is a fraction too long to fit into the standard 2.5cm length)

    Order individual markers or a set, and mix and match the sizes for your needles as you like.


    **Default sizing is to accomodate needles up to and including 4mm. If you'd like a specific needle size, please tell me in your stamping instructions.**


    If you are looking to buy as a gift, then affirmation suggestions include:

    Awake; Be; Believe; Bold; Brave; Breathe; Dare; Dream; Enjoy; Enough; Feel; Feel; Flow; Focus; Gentle; Grateful; Hope; Inhale; Kind; Love; Nourish; Open; Peace; Quiet; Relax; Safe; Think; Uplift; Vision; Win; Zen


    Of course, you might be shopping for someone who loves gin, or has a particular word they mutter, or you might like to have prompts such as SSK.


    Please note that each will be slightly different, as I make them individually, and usually to order within a week.


    All my silver is now bought as certified recycled eco-silver, made from 100% scrap / recycled silver which has been fully refined to ensure it is of the same quality as traditional sterling, but of course without the environmental impact of mining it.

    These aren't hallmarked as they are very lightweight


    Closed knitting stitch markers - recycled sterling silver, with affirmations

    PriceFrom £9.50