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  • I ADORE Doctor Who.

    Sometimes I think the only reason I started playing with silver clay was to satisfy my geeky side :-)

    I have some official BBC moulds and used them to create mini replica Daleks, K9, Cyberman helmets and of course the TARDIS from fine silver*.

    Of course, the TARDIS in this case isn't blue; it's rather more battered having been travelling through time and relative dimension in space to get to this photograph.


    The listing price is, for 1 pendant and chain ( see my other listing if you'd prefer a pin) in your choice of design and finish; I have photographed a variety  so that you can see the difference that patination makes and that each one made will be slightly different, due to being handcrafted.


    ***I make these to order, usually within a week - I don't usually have lots ready, although I am trying to keep three or four at all times, I have a number listed because these are very popular at the moment*** 


    I prefer all my pendants to be patinated, giving the TARDIS the extra touch of batteredness that I believe she warrants, and the other pieces the look of having engaged in battle, but if you would prefer one all super shiny and new looking; let me know; If I'm put of stock these will take me up to 10 days to make and dispatch - if you are in a hurry, message me to see where I'm at with them. Bow tie, braces or super long scarf when you unwrap it, optional :-)


    Since making my first batch, I've got slightly more proficient with the application of liver of sulphur, and can aim for a blue tint to your patination if you prefer. I remember Dr Who in black and white, so both work for me, but if you'd like more of a blue than black tinge to the patination, just tell me in your comments and I will do my best.

    (I like to wear my TARDIS when I feel I might want to be rescued / whisked away, and my Dalek when I want something scary in my corner!)

    Dimensions are  (approximately) 
    TARDIS       30mm x 16mm 
    Dalek          28 mm x 17mm 
    K9               34mm x 20mm
    Cyberman (helmet)      25mm x 22mm

    Weeping Angel 30mm x 23mm


    And also the option to have a pin rather than a pendant. (see my other listing)


    This listing includes a delicate chain, 18 or 16 inches (40.5cm or 46cm).


    * This fine silver is ArtClaySilver, which starts life as silver dust, reclaimed from the refinement process, in Japan, and then with the addition of a natural binding agent, becomes a clay. I can then mould and form it as one would a  traditional clay, firing it on a gas hob, or kiln. At this point the binder burn away, the clay shrinks approximately 10% and becomes 99.9% silver. I have (rather rubbish!) videos of this process on my facebook page and Youtube channel.


    Doctor Doctor. Fine silver TARDIS / Dalek / Cyberman / K9 / Weeping Angel