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  • We do an awful lot of weeding at our allotment, indeed any keen gardener I have ever met has a love-hate relationship with weeding their garden.

    And every gardener has their own favourite implements to use when doing so. This is a mini trowel just like #MrG's favourite.

    Although I try to have one in stock, I usually make these to order, which will take up to a week depending on how quickly the clay dries.


    I've also found this to be a popular gift for gardeners


    It is just the right size for a charm bracelet.


    I use Art Clay Silver*, which, upon firing becomes fine silver; 999 silver rather than 925 - also known as pure silver.  

    The leaf texture on the reverse is applied by pressing a real leaf to the back of the wet clay after I've squished it into it's mould.


    After drying and refining I fire it on my hob, or on my tiny kiln. I then solder a bail to the handle as appropriate. It's just like one of the trowels we use at our allotment.


    Because I mould them individually there will be slight variations. You can opt to have one with a bail on the back, or a tiny loop on the top, or indeed a larger loop in case you want to wear it as a necklace 

    Dimensions of the trowel itself are approximately
    height 24mm
    width 10mm
    Just under 1.5 grams of pure silver


    Choose your bail option from the variations - a tiny loop on the top, a hidden one on the reverse or a large bail to accommodate necklaces - the default is a hidden one on the back of the handle.


    I only use natural light and take all pictures in my home, so I have used a variety of backgrounds to help display the colouration and avoid your disappointment. The coins included for scale in the photo are a UK penny, Euro 2Cents and a USA 1 dime, and my trusty Doctor Who ruler is metric

    Fine silver mini hand trowel - charm or pendant