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  • This listing is for an individually, handcrafted, solid copper, coiled stitch keeper / cable stitch needle assist / shawl pin.

    The colours are created by playing #SmeltyMelty's flame* over the finished and polished pieces, then I hammer them again to complete the firming up. They are made using 2mm thick, round pure copper wire, which I coil to measure approximately 2.5-3cm in diameter, but each will be unique, as you can see from the pile I've got in my hand here. Final photos show them with a UK penny, USA dime and 2cent Euro for scale.

    Shown with the Soffritto scarf (pattern available as a digital download on my website, or as part of a kit from which will also include one of these keepers)

    Please note that each will be slightly different, as I make them individually.

    Sterling silver and gemmy ones coming soon!

    *#SmeltyMelty is the name I've given my Aquaflame - a blowtorch, powered by hydrogen gas that she creates using blue hydrogen technology, in turn powered by the electricity generated through our own photovoltaic cells that's we've had since 2009. I'm very proud that all my jewellery is powered in this way. See my blog about it here:


    Customs code =  copper clasp =8308.90.0090

    Flame Painted, Copper Coiled, Stitch Keeper / Cable Stitch Assist / Shawl Pin

    • Everything is made using sterling silver. Many pieces are unique and one of a kind items, some are ranges.

      Bullion (ie raw precious metal) is expensive and increases in price regularly.

      I've decided that rather than increase the price of all my old stock to reflect this, I will just update the new pieces to reflect the cost of the metal when I bought it. This is why you will find some spinner rings, for example at different price points.


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