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  • Made using unique fine silver charms that I make and fire myself, each of these drop earrings feature garnets and are available in 3 styles

    Earrings A -  with faceted round garnets and a single daisy imprint, these hang 48mm from piercing

    Earrings B - with checkerboard faceted garnet coins and a double floral imprint, these hang 42mm from piercing

    Earrings C - with smooth tubes of garnet, and wrens imprinted, these hang 47mm from piercing

    All have the imprints patinated to a golden colour using liver of sulphur, and then protected with Renaissance Wax . Earrings A and B feature DGD handmade earwires (all earwires are recycled sterling silver)


    It was a very grey January day when I photographed these!

    If you would like a bespoke pair, with Argentium earwires please contact me, as I'll be happy to make a pair just for you.

    Garnet and Fine Silver, Drop Earrings

    • Sterling Silver will eventually oxidise or tarnish. It's a natural process that can be slowed down by regular wear and by keeping unworn items away from the atmosphere. If you leave your jewellery out on display, this oxidisation will be faster.  You can polish up your items, with a soft cloth, some silver polish, or a buffing cloth such as Town Talk, which is readily available from any high street jewellers in the UK

      Fine silver is 99.9% silver, and because of this the tarnish rate is much, much slower. Again, a buff should do the job for polishing it back up. If I have patinated your silver already, be gentle when buffing!

      Each piece should stand up to regular wear, but , as with all jewellery, please remove it before washing, using chemicals or applying perfume etc

      Apply body lotion and perfume a few minutes before putting on your jewellery to help slow down tarnish

      The sterling silver used in these items was sold to me by my bullion dealer ass certified recycled.

      he gemstones I use have been sold to me by reputable dealers as untreated (unless stated specifically in the listing). They are a natural, organic creation from the earth and each one will be slightly different. You can see examples of this on my Facebook page.
      I select the stones that I think go together best for each project, hence my comments that each item is individual.