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  • This listing is for an individually, handcrafted, solid sterling silver, coiled stitch keeper / cable stitch needle assist / shawl pin.


    They are made using 2mm thick, round recycled sterling silver wire, which I coil to measure approximately 2.5-3cm in diameter, but each will be unique, as you can see from the pile I've got in my hand here.


    Choose a plain one, or one with agemstone bezel set for  a little more luxury with our crafting ;-) These are priced individually and can be made to order with a gemstone of your choice. They work well as scarf pins too


    I currently have a rose cut, freeform rainbow moonstone and toumalinated neon blue apatite in this listing

    The apatite has been hammer set in a nubbly setting to accentuate texture, after I discovered just how wonderful handspun yarn is for crochet. This also has the bonue of extra sparkle ;-)


    If you'd prefer a more premium stone such as a ruby or an opal, then there may be a surcharge to represent the increased cost. Message me and I'll let you know if that's the case, and what the prce will be.


    Shown with the Soffritto scarf (pattern available as a digital download on my website, or as part of a kit from which will also include a copper version of these keepers)


    Please note that each will be slightly different, as I make them individually.


    All my silver is now bought as certified recycled eco-silver, made from 100% scrap / recycled silver which has been fully refined to ensure it is of the same quality as traditional sterling, but of course without the environmental impact of mining it.

    Gemset sterling silver, coiled stitch keeper, cable knitting needle, scarf pin

    PriceFrom £18.00