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  • MrG and I collected these pieces of seaglass on our 2022 holiday to Lindos, Rhodes (see blog post here: )

    I've made them into earrings and pendants, and will update the listing with individual pairs / sets as and when I make them.

    Currently available


    (SOLD 1 - bright green tiny nuggets 5x5mm dropping 23-24mm from piercing)

    2 - dark green 10-13 x 11mm nuggets dropping 23mm from piercing with a slight 'kick' to them

    3 - mid green 8-9 x 7mm nuggets dropping 23-24mm from piercing

    4 - pale pond green 12-14 x 8-9mm nuggets dropping 24mm from piercing

    5 - olive green 9-10x8-9mm nuggets dropping 23mm from piercing


    Add a chain to your pendant from the separate listing here:


    If you would like me to make your seaglass into something similar so you have a permanent and wearable memory of your holiday, please get in touch, or you can simply order from the options I've listed. Allow me a fortnight from the date you send me your seaglass to make your pieces, and do add any special instructions in the request field, or email them to me.

    These aren't hallmarked, as they are below the threshold of 7.78g which is the legal requirement for Assay here in the UK.

    **I've been using Eco silver since 2016, but now all the silver elements are certified recycled by my bullion dealer - it's made from the waste and offcuts returned and reclaimed in the jewellery process, which means it's environmental impact is significantly lower than if mined afresh.
    Thanks for looking!    

    Genuine seaglass jewellery - recycled sterling silver