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  • A pair of classic sterling silver stud earrings for those people who aren't so comfortable with long drops. All these stones are 3mm faceted and brilliant cut.


    I've prong set them so that there is plenty of light from all sides to highlight the fabulous clarity and depth of colour which each stone has and I've tried to catch in the photos.

    I've a variety of earrings I've made, ready to dispatch, but yet to be photographed.


    These will come with regular 925 sterling silver butterfly backs


    Each earring is 3mm across, which is really petite, perfect for those with multiple piercings, or someone wanting something very subtle and elegant


    I only use natural light and don't do anything to enhance my photos, taking them all in my home


     ***The final photo is of the same size stones and settings, (Ruby) with a UK penny and USA dime for scale.

    Real, natural, brilliant cut gemstone, prong set, faceted tiny studs

    • Everything is made using sterling silver. Many pieces are unique and one of a kind items, some are ranges.

      Bullion (ie raw precious metal) is expensive and increases in price regularly.

      I've decided that rather than increase the price of all my old stock to reflect this, I will just update the new pieces to reflect the cost of the metal when I bought it. This is why you will find some spinner rings, for example at different price points.


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