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  • This listing is for a set of individually, handcrafted, solid sterling silver, coiled tadpole themed stitch-markers.


    Made using 1mm, certified recycled sterling silver wire, and coiled into a slight spiral to allow them to be open; they are just under 5.5mm in internal diameter.


    Photos show them on some superwash DK merino (the blue) and fingering weight Scheepjes whirl (the yellow) and threaded onto a 5mm crochet hook.


    Now I'm crocheting I understand how very useful a stitch marker is. Initially I used some of the tiny gourd safety pins I use for attaching prices to my rings and bangles, and then yarn. I found the safety pins snagged, and the yarn took me too long to tie in.


    Then a lovely customer asked me to make some in sterling. Because I have frogged so very much, I thought theming stitch markers along that theme would be entertaining. Well, they entertain me!


    I asked a couple of people to test my prototypes, and these are the final iteration - easy to attach and remove because of the wiggly heads, but without any charms or long tails to tangle with your yarn, and sized to suit a variety of thicknesses. We've tested them with yarn up to and including aran weight.


    I've sourced some aluminium lip balm pots to keep them in, (I'll wrap the markers in tissue within the pot,) and I'm selling them as small sets with an equal quantity of two styles - plain / with a punched dot to suggest an eye. That should help remind you why the marker is there :-)


    I take a length of wire, use my blow torch to ball an end, and hammer that ball on my steel block, file and sand the tail super smooth, bend to create the wiggle and coil it round


    A clean in the pickle pot, and they are ready for a tumble in Betty-The-Barrel-Polisher for hardening and polishing


    As with everything I make, each is slightly different, as I make them individually. 


    I don't knit. One of my testers does, and she advised these aren't really suitable for using on the needle, but are suitable for marking stitches and places in the worked fabric


    Set of handcrafted, sterling silver tadpole stitch markers designed for crochet

    PriceFrom £15.00
    • Everything is made using sterling silver. Many pieces are unique and one of a kind items, some are ranges.

      Bullion (ie raw precious metal) is expensive and increases in price regularly.

      I've decided that rather than increase the price of all my old stock to reflect this, I will just update the new pieces to reflect the cost of the metal when I bought it. This is why you will find some spinner rings, for example at different price points.


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