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  • Science fiction inspired Federation Insignia earrings (for those days when you have to be a little more subtle and do your beaming from the head) made from sterling silver and highly polished or buffed to a satin finish on request.


    These are individually sawn from sterling silver sheet, and are approximately 14mm x 8mm

    These come in two sizes and two finishes and were made as a result of a custom order request

    I make these to match, in traditional orientation.

    Small 12mm x 7mm

    Tiny 8mm x 5mm


    I make these to order, so please allow a week to 10 days for me to do so.


    See my other listing for the ones with the command star impressed into them


    **I've been using Eco silver since 2016, but now all the silver elements are certified recycled by my bullion dealer - it's made from the waste and offcuts returned and reclaimed in the jewellery process, which means it's environmental impact is significantly lower than if mined afresh. Thanks for looking! Live Long and Prosper \\//_


    Science fiction inspired sterling silver 'communications badge' stud earrings

    PriceFrom £13.00