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  • New to my science fiction homage range - Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations


    A wonderful phrase that encapsulates what I love about Star Trek, I made one pair for a commission and hugely enjoyed making them, so I'm making more in small batches of 2 pairs at a time, so I can best match the pairs

    They are 14mm in diameter, with the triangle projecting about 1.5mm beyond that, however because I saw them individually expect there to be slight variations to each pair, and I make these to order, so please allow a week to 10 days for me to do so.

    The drops will hang about 30mm from your piercing.


    I use 0.8 mm sterling silver* sheet, a disc-cutter to cut the washers, then saw out the internal void and the triangles, all of which I then file, sand and polish, before assembling them with the recycled balls (which are made by melting the inner of a small bat'leth stud )

    Once the three components are soldered together, I solder on the post, clean and polish, finally polishing back the triangles to a very subtle satin finish to give a bit of interest and depth.


    Shown with a UK penny and on one of my earring cards for scale, there are 2 pairs of studs and one pair of drops in these photos.


    Note that these aren't hallmarked as they are below the threshold of 7.78g


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    *I've been using Eco silver since 2016, but now all the silver elements are certified recycled by my bullion dealer - it's made from the waste and offcuts returned and reclaimed in the jewellery process, which means it's environmental impact is significantly lower than if mined afresh.

    Thanks for looking!     Live Long and Prosper   \\//_