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  • I love a bangle. I really do. I have a whole range I wear myself, and I particularly like them to stack up so that I jingle gently everywhere I go :-)


    This listing is for a single, heavy weight sterling silver bangle, that I've formed into a shape curved in two planes (like a pringle, or a seashell) known as anticlastic.


    I use recycled sterling sheet to form these bangles, rolling it to a thickness of approximately 0.8mm thick, which means each is over the weight that requires formal hallmarking at the London Assay Office (ie more than 7.78g) 


    I've got a number of patinated ones of these of these available for dispatch, instantly. If you would like one in a different size, please message me to see what my current stock is, and what my current processing time is if I need to make one for you - I have to post them off to the Assay Office, so lead in can be up to 13 weeks.


    Each is slightly different because of how I make them, and I've also applied liver of sulphur to the the inner curve of the outer edge to give them an extra beauty. 

    The scrabble tile is there just so I can ensure I know which cuff is which!
    This one (reference J ) has an internal circumference of 23cm (9 inches), internal diameter of 67mm/73mm (2.5 inches / 2 and 7/8th inches) and is an oval (my personal preference)
    It's patinated to a deep buttery golden colour.


    I've 3 more cuffs and another bangle listed over on my Etsy shop, if this isnt' quite what you wanted, plus another 8 I've not photographed yet - so if the size you want isn't listed, please do contact me.


    It takes me a considerable amount of time to mercilessly beat these into shape - I start with a sheet of silver that I saw into strips, rolling it to the required thickness, file, sand and then form into a bangle, soldering it closed. At this point, it's just a flat, uninteresting strip of silver.


    I then start to create the shape, hammering hard against a special stake, shaped like an antler.

    I do this about 6 times, annealing between each round of bashering (technical term ;-) ) each time stretching the bangle to achieve the shape I want 


    The final photo shows one of my particularly lovely customers wearing the first one I sold


    I've made some (as always, rather dull!) videos of the process of making these, speeded up as much as my software will allow, and nicely silent, so you can't hear Radio4 or the hmmering, or my cursing on YouTube channel, if you are interested -

    Wrist vary as do fists.
    Small tends to be about 6-6.5 inches (15-16.5cm), medium 6.5-7.5 inches (16.5-19cm), large 7.5-8.5 inches (19-21.5cm).

    An easy way to measure your bangle size (if you don't have a perfect one to compare) is to cut a strip of stiff card (like from a cereal packet) and tape it into a ring, adjusting it until it's the perfect dimension for sliding on and off, without deforming it, and then measure the internal diameter


    All my silver is now bought as certified recycled eco-silver, made from 100% scrap / recycled silver which has been fully refined to ensure it is of the same quality as traditional sterling, but of course without the environmental impact of mining it.

    Sterling silver, anticlastic bangle - patinated (reference J)