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  • This listing is for an individually, handcrafted, solid sterling silver, coiled and stamped stitch-keeper

    In May 2019 I decided I wanted to finally learn to crochet, and using a fabulous pattern (see #NaturesWalkCAL) helped teach me. I learned doing this that using something to keep the stitches from unravelling was essential. Yes, I learned that the hard way!


    Initially I used a spare, large jumpring, but then, decided it would be nice to have something to coordinate with my #HookerRing and also use up the odd offcuts of the narrow sheet I buy to make them. So these co-ordinating #StitchKeepers were devised.


    I take a piece of the spare silver, and after filing and sanding all the edges, I tape it to a steel block and stamp the patterns down the length. I then saw off the top and bottom stamping (all these pieces are caught in my bench apron!) , file and sand the new ends of the length and repeat.

    Then each individual piece needs filing and sanding on the freshly cut end, so I grip them with my pliers and do so. Fina