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  • This listing is for an individually, handcrafted, solid sterling silver, coiled and stamped stitch-keeper

    In May 2019 I decided I wanted to finally learn to crochet, and using a fabulous pattern (see #NaturesWalkCAL) helped teach me. I learned doing this that using something to keep the stitches from unravelling was essential. Yes, I learned that the hard way!


    Initially I used a spare, large jumpring, but then, decided it would be nice to have something to coordinate with my #HookerRing and also use up the odd offcuts of the narrow sheet I buy to make them. So these co-ordinating #StitchKeepers were devised.


    I take a piece of the spare silver, and after filing and sanding all the edges, I tape it to a steel block and stamp the patterns down the length. I then saw off the top and bottom stamping (all these pieces are caught in my bench apron!) , file and sand the new ends of the length and repeat.

    Then each individual piece needs filing and sanding on the freshly cut end, so I grip them with my pliers and do so. Finally I take a length of sterling wire, round each end, hammer one end into a paddle shape and then solder that to one of the little stampings. They are more time consuming and fiddly than you'd think!


    A clean in the pickle pot, and a turn round my pliers and they are ready for a tumble in Betty-The-Barrel-Polisher for hardening and polishing


    Whilst I establish if these are something people might like, I have one of each design available, for immediate dispatch. The yarn shown in use is Scheepjes Stone Washed, which is deemed a sport /baby weight. 

    As with everything I make, each is slightly different, as I make them individually. 

    Stitch Keeper - for crochet or knitting, sterling silver

    • Everything is made using sterling silver. Many pieces are unique and one of a kind items, some are ranges.

      Bullion (ie raw precious metal) is expensive and increases in price regularly.

      I've decided that rather than increase the price of all my old stock to reflect this, I will just update the new pieces to reflect the cost of the metal when I bought it. This is why you will find some spinner rings, for example at different price points.


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