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  • I found a new gem supplier, here in the UK, who sources all her stones direct from the cutters. I have bought unusual cuts, shapes and colours of classic stones, so that these unusual settings are really striking. 


    I made myself one, and I've been wearing it with 2mm beaded stacking rings either side; most of these are on shanks that I have deliberately set at 1.5-1.8mm thick to enable this, should you so wish. Of course, they work fabulously on their own.


    Options available for instant dispatch are

    Golden Beryl - UK size Q (setting 12.5 mm x 12 mm)
    Lapis Lazuli - UK size O (setting 10 mm x 18.5 mm)


    Shown in the photos, but sold are:
    {Opal - UK size J (setting 16 mm x 10 mm) - sold}
    {Turquoise - UK size K (setting 10 mm x 17 mm) - sold}

    {Carnelian - UK size N (setting 16 mm x 9 mm) - sold}

    {Sapphire - UK size M , but adjustable up to a size T and also down a few sizes (setting 11.5 mm x 20 mm) - sold}


    I'll be adding to the range regularly, as I just received some more really beautiful cabochons. 


    The bands are made from certified eco sterling silver wire - sold and recycled by my bullion dealer; the balls are made by me from the snips of silver left over from making earwires etc. I use Liver of Sulphur to oxidise the silver, and then Renaissance Wax to seal and protect it.


    These rings aren't hallmarked, as they are under the required weight. 


    Take your pick from the options listed or, if you'd like me to make something special, you can message me for details of my current stone stock, send me details of your own stone or let me know what you are looking for.


    If you don't know your ring size, you can order a sizer from one of my other listings and I will refund you the sizer cost if you later place an order for a ring with me (please remind me when placing your ring order!)

    Stone set, dress ring - untreated, hand cut, freeform gemstone of your choice