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  • Back in 2021 I participated in #RingAMonth and made my husband a copper band like this, to help with his arthritis. He loved it and it gained unexpected compliments (even at the cricket!) 

    I loved making it, and have made a couple slightly slimmer for sale, in sterling silver


    I've two currently available that I've set to UK sizes P and U (EU 56, US 7 3/4 and EU 62.5 and US 10.25), but of course as they are adjustable I can size them a couple of sizes either way.

    The advantage of an adjustable ring like this, is that you can have a little flexibility when pushing it over your knuckle


    Both weigh 4.6g and are 10mm at their widest. Although underweight, they have my full UK hallmark for 2024 and the commemorative coronation mark, this time from Edinburgh Assay.

    Take Me To The Stars, Adjustable sterling wrap ring, with holes

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